5 wedding day concepts that are perfect for a Winter's celebration!

If you need convincing on why to have an intimate winter wedding reception, then you’ve landed at the right place! Contrary to the floral, outdoor, and beach summertime events, these Winter wedding ideas offer a more intimate, cozy, and hearty feeling that is just right for a chilly Winter’s day!

Whether it’s a barnyard soiree or even a winter wonderland experience, these Winter wedding ideas are bound to warm your heart!

A couple in formal attire leans in for a kiss while seated at a bar, the scene adorned with empty glasses hanging above and reflections in the mirror, evoking the romantic elegance of Bride & Co.

drinks on us...

This concept is far from the traditional, but is quickly becoming a wildly popular Winter wedding idea. If you hadn’t guessed, the bar is one of the most popular parts of a wedding reception, so why really incorporate that into your day?

This option offers you a cozy, intimate, and quirky twist to your special day. The great thing about bars is that they come stocked with everything you need so when it comes to planning, there’s less to do, and the space can be hired out and customized with lights and flowers for that special wedding touch. The venue could also be used exclusively for the whole wedding day which could help save some costs.

With a variety of bars to pick from, there is a bar out there that could match your needs perfectly! Mojito, anyone?.

A couple exchanges vows in a brightly lit room with colorful graffiti-covered walls. Guests are seated and clapping, and there is a celebrant along with the Bride & Co bridal party present.

the rustic barnyard

For a more rustic-themed event, consider a barnyard wedding. Think fireplaces for warmth and ambiance and rustic finishes. Something about it says warm and cozy and that’s exactly what is needed on a chilly winter day.

A warm menu, with hearty options as well as warm beverages, will keep your guests happy as they celebrate your big day with you. Incorporate candles for a romantic effect, and to add additional warmth to your setting. To keep your guests warm, you can have blankets available that match the colours of the wedding, or even incorporate a fire pit!

A wooden dining chair with a white knit throw and a "Madame" sign is part of a Bride & Co rustic table setting featuring greenery, candles, and place settings.
Indoor rustic setting with hay bales for seating, baskets of rolled blankets, string lights, and a sign reading "Chilly? Grab a blanket." Plants and photos decorate the brick walls, creating the perfect ambiance for any Bride & Co gathering.

a winter wonderland

Winter wonderlands are a true representation of our favourite winter moments and will continue to transcend time. White interiors that make you feel like you’re celebrating in the snow with the perks of being able to incorporate styles that match your taste that contrast perfectly. From the more classical designs, championed by white carpets, white coloured branches, tea lights, and white roses, to the more modernized interiors with faux-fur pieces as chair décor, pinecones, glass rooms, and winter-themed foliage.

A Bride & Co dining table setting with candles in glass holders, crystal glasses, plates, and a grey cloth runner.
A rustic outdoor table setting with white fur-covered chairs and greenery, featuring pine branch decor and lit white candles by Bride & Co.
Elegant table setting by Bride & Co with a white floral centerpiece, tall candles, and neatly arranged plates, silverware, and glasses on a pristine white tablecloth.

all that glitters is gold...

A secret gem of a Winter wedding idea; Gold is a style tip for the cooler seasons. The colour gold is striking and bold, and when done right it speaks sophistication. As a warm colour, gold stands to not only brighten up the interior but also adds a romantic glow.

Maybe you can only hire a certain venue and you want to make an impact with the décor? Gold details are a good way of doing that as they pop! From candles to warm lights, golden furniture pieces, crockery and cutlery, and all that glitters is style gold! Consider using green foliage as a contrast and to balance out all the boldness.

A white Bride & Co wedding sign adorned with white flowers and gold leaves is displayed on a wooden easel. Lush green foliage is positioned to the right of the sign.
A gold fork and knife with intricate designs are placed on a folded white napkin and white plate, atop a gold charger plate. A white orchid flower is tucked into the napkin, creating an elegant setting reminiscent of Bride & Co's signature style.

welcome to the jungle

Nothing should stop you from bringing the garden indoors. If you’ve dreamt of having your special day surrounded by lush greenery now you can, even in winter! This includes incorporating a large quantity of greenery into the décor, adding greenery to your drapery and at strategic points around the venue, then add light and flower of your choice to create a special ambiance. You might love this even more than being outdoors! The plus side is that although the space has an airy feel to it, it is inside so it’s still cozy and warm for the comfort of all the guests.

Dimly lit pathway adorned with hanging lights and greenery, leading to an elegantly decorated area with white tables and chairs in the background—a perfect setting curated by Bride & Co.
A long dining table with white chairs is set with tableware, bearing the distinctive Bride & Co charm, surrounded by suspended greenery and hanging light bulbs, creating an elegant and rustic indoor setting.
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