The Bride&co bride is effortlessly whimsical and always happy with a soft and gentle nature. She is completely drunk on love
and is excited to be marrying
the man of her dreams.

She has dreamed of this moment since she was a little girl. She is a true romantic
with her head in the clouds and
seems to be walking on air.


Bride&co are industry leaders in wedding and eveningwear. With 10 stores nationwide, Bride&co has been in the business of beautiful attire since 2008. During your FREE fitting your consultant will be there to guide you on your journey to ‘find the one’. Think of her as a girl’s best friend. Tell her your wedding dress secrets and she will offer her expert advice. We also take into account that our beautiful brides are unique – which is why we have a full team of experienced seamstresses in house. Shorten, tighten, widen – we can do it all.

Your dream wedding dress awaits…

Oleg Cassini

The Oleg Cassini bride is romantic and elegant. She embodies classic, timeless sophistication is always perfectly poised.

She conjures up memories of the
vintage brides of yesteryear, with her
soft but glamorous image.
She is refinement personified.


Oleg Cassini is a style icon and known for creating some of the most memorable fashion moments of our time as the designer for both Grace Kelly
and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Cassini’s unique designs ushered in a
new era of timeless simplicity based on clean lines and crisp forms
with opulent and luxurious fabrics.
He was famed for being a fashion trendsetter and many of his designs became popular worldwide. He is world renowned for his wedding gowns that have
graced Hollywood beauties and style icons. He introduced a number of the
classic bridal gown silhouettes and in many ways was the father of the
current wedding gown styles we wear today.

Viola Chan

Fashion forward and super trendy, this bride is confident, independent and edgy.
She oozes sexiness but at the same time keeps it classy and elegant.
She is sultry and can be dramatic with an air
of mystery that makes her irresistibly gorgeous. Chic & always fabulous,
she is the Viola Chan bride.


Viola Chan has become an internationally celebrated designer of bridal gowns. Loving nothing more than dressing brides in the very finest, Viola Chan’s wedding gowns bring edge, sophistication and a red carpet look to the bridal industry. Viola’s rise to become a worldwide celebrated designer began after attending the London College of Fashion and was able to work with different design houses.
Viola has said “The bridal gown is one of the most important dresses in a woman’s life. It represents love, trust and faith and I love creating a gown that will put a beautiful smile on her face when she finds ‘the one.’ Her gown is a reflection of her style so it is essential that every last detail is thought through, down to the tiniest bead or button. It is these intricate details that are going to give her a unique wedding day look and make her feel special when wearing the dress.”.