2021 wedding trends... what we can expect to see this year.

Just like any other year, the time has come to round up all the new and exciting wedding trends anticipated for 2021! We can all agree that the world is changing quickly, and as a result, weddings are too. Not only as a response to the plentiful trends, but also to accommodate the pandemic and keeping our communities safe.

A woman in a white lace wedding dress with floral patterns and a deep V-neckline, wearing a thin headband, stands against a neutral background. Embracing the elegance of Wedding Trends 2021, her look is both timeless and modern.


Weekday weddings will become more popular as venues try to curb the effects of COVID-19. This will offer a few benefits, namely being able to cut some costs, support the professionals in the field as well as getting a booking at a well sought after venue.

We can also anticipate more micro weddings, championed by a smaller guest list of fewer than 50 people. This type of wedding emphasizes intimacy, creating an even more personal and emotional atmosphere. Beyond that, couples will be looking to create a more personalised experience and venues that match just that. From themed bars to backyards and even boats, each wedding will speak to the couple and what makes them who they are.

Destination weddings will be taking a back seat this year as more and more of these weddings will take place closer to home, making it easier for guests to attend and depending on the location have a wedding that aligns and adheres to the various COVID-19 regulations.

Outdoor weddings will be a firm favourite this year, not only as an added health protocol but a rather beautiful way to live out one’s fairytale. Garden settings under tents draped with string lights will offer a romantic and airy ambiance. The design and décor of the outdoor wedding will feature an intimate atmosphere with living room décor,  throws, pillows, and couches this allows guests to social distance yet still feel a part of the whole event.

2021 wedding trends
A long table set for a formal dinner is decorated with a lush centerpiece of greenery and white flowers, perfectly capturing Wedding Trends 2021. String lights hang from above, adding a warm glow to the scene.
A long banquet table decorated with white linens and green foliage is set under a lush hanging greenery arrangement, inspired by Wedding Trends 2021. A neon sign reading "The Clarkes" is displayed on a greenery backdrop.

seating charts make a comeback.

In 2021 we will see how we celebrate change. From seating arrangements to how the food is served. While in recent years unassigned seating was very popular, we now see a shift back to assigned seating as more and more couples have realized that guests are wanting certainty when it comes to who they are sitting with.

buffets are out

A person holds an open wooden box containing a Day of the Dead-themed bottle, three limes, a small candle, and a card—a unique gift that aligns perfectly with Wedding Trends 2021.

Buffet catering was certainly popular in the past, making it the easiest way to serve dinner at larger weddings. However, fewer couples are opting for self-serve buffets, as this involves the sharing of utensils and uncovered dishes of food. For safety reasons, couples are choosing plated dinners, food trucks, and of course allowing for a more creative flair like a single serving charcuterie board or a picnic basket for one.

This will allow the couple to go back to being more creative with their menu for instance single-serving charcuterie boards or picnic baskets for one.

wedding cakes go unconventional

Wedding cakes will also see a modification that accommodates the ‘no sharing’ regulations. Each guest will now be met with an individual cake instead of the traditional slice out of a grand centerpiece cake. Guests can expect customised desserts or a little something unconventional like signature cocktails created by the bride and groom, unique canapes that will ensure that the wedding day is one to remember, but also a reflection of the bride and groom

Two people hold up small chocolate cakes topped with raspberries and blackberries on golden plates, showcasing one of the delightful Wedding Trends 2021.

live streaming

A smartphone on a tripod with a ring light records a wedding ceremony, capturing the bride and groom standing at the altar, embracing Wedding Trends 2021.

2021 will see more and more couples having to cut their guest lists, as upsetting as it is to have a smaller more intimate wedding and having to leave those very important people out of your big day, however as circumstances prevail live streaming and videography has become a very popular way to have everyone involved. This is not only a great way to stay safe and limit numbers but rather a great way to relive your special day for the years to come.

Drones will also make an appearance; these are the perfect addition for capturing the atmosphere of the wedding as well as all the beauty below from above.

groom and pop.

Colourful suits will be popping up at weddings throughout 2021. Wedding trends in 2021 show a definite shift towards a colourful suit rather than a traditional black suit; darker tones such as burgundy and emerald green are a firm favourite, however, those planning a summery wedding are opting for pastels, ivory, or blush

Six men in stylish, colorful suits and sunglasses walking down stairs against an urban backdrop, embracing the latest Wedding Trends 2021 with their vibrant ensembles.
love always wins

One thing is for sure, even in the face of a pandemic the show will still go on for many brides and grooms to be. With careful consideration to the importance of this event in one’s life, these wedding trends for 2021 will ensure that bride, groom, and guests alike can all enjoy the festivities safely and still make it the best day of their lives.

A long table set for a formal dinner is decorated with a lush centerpiece of greenery and white flowers, perfectly capturing Wedding Trends 2021. String lights hang from above, adding a warm glow to the scene.
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A woman in a white floral lace wedding dress with an open back and a headband, epitomizing Wedding Trends 2021, looks down with a soft expression against a neutral background.