Our favourite wedding colour combinations for a Summer Wedding!

We can certainly feel it in the air and in the atmosphere that Summer is just about here and we couldn’t be happier. They say that a life without love is like a year without summer but what we really love most about Summer is the love it sparks as we enter the Summer wedding season. Even though weddings have changed shape over the past few months we are extremely excited for the love and passion that has driven brides and grooms to tie the knot in fun and creative ways.

To help our beautiful brides to be and dashing grooms along we have compiled the ultimate guide to Wedding Colour Combinations for your Summer Wedding- this guide highlights the importance of tying in the colour combinations between wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and men’s looks.

wedding colour combinations for summer

white, gold & green

First up is a colour combination that has really taken the wedding world by storm over the past few years. Equal parts Bohemian and sophisticated, this colour palette is a bride’s modern day dream.

A perfectly white or even an off white bridal gown sets the tone for a beautiful mix of white, green and gold. Gold elements are best brought in through décor and bridesmaid accessories, a more subtle of the three colour variants. Incorporating a shade of green in the bridesmaids dresses and groom or groomsmen suits is a modern, unexpected addition to this increasingly popular colour palette. With the introduction of botanicals and greenery throughout the wedding décor elements the colours balance one another perfectly.

A collage of wedding elements featuring a gold and green theme, including a cake, reception table settings, decorative signage, invitations, and a guest in a green dress—all set outdoors. Perfect inspiration for Wedding Colour Combinations for Summer.
Outdoor evening event with dining tables set with white linens, greenery, and tall candles. Twinkling lights are strung overhead, and a layered garden is visible in the background, all designed to showcase stunning wedding color combinations for summer.

cinnamon rose

The perfect mix of blush and burgundy tones for the bridesmaids matched with accessories for the men. This colour combination sets the tone for a romantic wedding day creating a memorable bridal party look across the board.

Perfectly suited for the whimsical bride who would stun in a soft and flowing, romantic white and tulle statement bridal gown alongside her dapper groom in a soft grey suit offset with a touch of blush or burgundy accessories.

Collage of a "Cinnamon Rose" themed wedding, perfect for summer. Shows bridesmaids in coordinated dresses, a tiered wedding cake with flowers and figs, decorated tables, and floral arrangements. Explore ideal Wedding Colour Combinations for Summer at www.himisspuff.com.
Collage of wedding scenes, including a floral canopy, bridesmaids in matching dresses showcasing beautiful wedding colour combinations for summer, a decorated dining table, and a tiered cake adorned with flowers.

classic blue

A bold adjustment to true and navy blue sees the modern bridal couple make a statement on their wedding day with bold but beautiful colour choices.

Classic blue bridesmaids dresses are perfectly suited alongside a navy groom or groomsmen’s 3 piece suit for the ultimate picture perfect, statement bridal party moments. The classic blue is bolder than before and allows the crisp white of this confident bride to shine brightly on her big day.

A bridal party colour palette that is beautifully complimented with touches of rose gold accessories for the bridal party and within the wedding décor itself.

Collage of images featuring a classic blue wedding theme. Includes blue-suited groom, blue floral arrangements, blue lace fabric, candle centerpieces, and a couple posing outdoors. Perfect for those seeking elegant wedding colour combinations for summer celebrations.

navy & true blue

A colour combination perfectly suited for the traditional bride with colours that are timeless classics.

Given their long standing popularity, bringing in stripes or checks on the groom and groomsmen suits and lace detail on the bridesmaids dresses really offers an update to something that we have seen a lot of popularity around over time.

Navy really is the ultimate, complimentary colour for bridesmaids and carrying these colours throughout the bridal party offers and air of sophistication. Again, allowing the bride to shine through on her big day.

Wedding setup featuring navy, light blue, and dusty blue colors. Includes bridesmaids, decorated tables, floral arrangements, a cake, and a groom adjusting his watch. Invites and color swatches shown. Perfect wedding colour combinations for summer add elegance to the celebration.
A wedding arch decorated with light blue drapes, white and pink roses, and greenery stands gracefully outdoors in front of a building and landscaped yard—an ideal setup showcasing perfect wedding colour combinations for summer.

lilac & lavendar

A pastel combination that offsets colours that may on their own find themselves a little lost on the day. Mixing up the pastels within the same tonalities offers added interest to the bridal party look when all together.

The bride stuns in white while her bridesmaids offer an added air of modern elegance in their tonal pastel gowns. With the groom and groomsmen perfectly complimenting the bridal party in subtle navy suits with the addition of pastel accessories to ensure a cohesive look.

A collage of wedding decorations featuring lavender and pastel roses, elegant table settings with purple accents, and floral centerpieces showcases ideal Wedding Colour Combinations for Summer.
A wedding color scheme featuring lavender, purple, and white. Images show bouquets, invitations, a decorated table, and a flower-strewn aisle leading to an altar with purple floral arrangements—perfect wedding colour combinations for summer.
A long, elegantly set banquet table features pink and purple floral arrangements, hanging floral decorations, and glass ornaments under a canopy with neatly arranged chairs, showcasing stunning wedding colour combinations for summer.

pineapple, orange & pale pink

This one is for the really fun loving bridal couple who is ready to make a statement with their wedding day, using a bold wedding colour combinations for Summer 2020. Today, when it comes to wedding colour combinations, dresses suits and décor making a statement is fast becoming one of the most sought after elements of the big day. So, this colour combo offers a bold couple a chance to do just that!

With the colours of pineapple yellow and orange remaining strictly within the décor elements these colours offer a vibrant, tropical feel for a fun, sophisticated wedding day.

An absolute décor dream that is perfectly complemented with the subtle selection of pale pink bridesmaids dresses and a soft grey for the groom and groomsmen.

All enough to make the right statement while complimenting one another as a bridal party and a full wedding look.

A collage of wedding inspiration with a summery citrus theme, featuring orange, pink, and yellow elements, floral arrangements, a pink gown, and citrus-themed table settings—perfect Wedding Colour Combinations for Summer.
A person in a white lace top and yellow skirt holding a colorful bouquet of flowers, including roses and various greenery, showcasing perfect wedding colour combinations for summer.
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