Wedding Colours for a Vibrant Summer Wedding in 2021

Summer Wedding Colours for your 2021 Dream Day

One of the most important parts of the wedding planning process- after having an amazing dress, is an amazingly designed space to celebrate. The first step to making your dream space come true is choosing the right colour palette. Colour has a way of sparking the event to life and crafting a magical atmosphere where memories are made and photographs are captured.

To help our beautiful brides to be and dashing grooms along we have compiled the ultimate guide to Wedding Colour Combinations for your Summer Wedding- this guide highlights the importance of tying in the colour combinations between wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and men’s looks.

Make a quirky statement with turquoise, fuchsia, and gold

If you’re looking for something more unconventional for your special day, then this bright and bold palette might just be it. This may be a little hard to believe but fuchsia happens to go with everything and in every season. So, what better way to celebrate than to invite it to your wedding. Add fuchsia flowers to your centrepieces and little details like ribbons. To increase the boldness, you can use turquoise vases, candles, plates, and even table runners.

Yes, the idea is to go bold but stylishly and that’s where gold comes in. Gold brings the glamour to the occasion. You can use gold cutlery and table accessories, and if you’re looking for something extra you can also use sequins accessories which will also bring some texture to the space. To bring balance to the space, consider using strong natural colours like dark wood or kraft, this will bring the whole space together elegantly.

Go bold with White & Greenery

Much loved summer wedding colours, White and greenery is a popular palette for your special day. It is bold yet classic and offers simplicity and softness. This organic inspired colour combo should be used to accentuate an airy space. Consider incorporating lush greenery into your ceremony backdrops, draping as well as the reception space. This colour combination lends itself to boho, modern and minimalist themes and is visually pleasing.

Create a wow factor by mixing benches and plush pillows in the seating arrangement. Flower crowns are a must if you want to make a quirky statement, and bud vases and succulents are an amazing option for elegant minimalism.

Keep it classy with lavender and cream

This spring / summer wedding colour combination calls for a soft classic spring event. Lavender is a calming and healing colour, a medium purple with pink notes that is usually used in creating zen spaces. If you are looking for something light and airy, the unobtrusive colour offers a feminine touch and an airy feel to the whole event.

Lavenders can be incorporated into the wedding in various ways, consider using them in the bouquet or the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. The wedding invite can have a touch of lavender shades to pre-empt your big day and actual lavenders can be used in your gift, either as a bath salt or even just seeds, that represent something significant (like the growth of love)

Play with shades of Pink

Pink is the epitome of romance and a fairy-tale in the making. A mixture of different hues of pink is bound to make the day soft and full of love. Consider pink flowers, ribbons, napkins, draping, and candles. Combined with a shade of ivory, a darker pink like fuchsia or even mint, the pink theme can be elevated to something a little more different from the classic theme. A splash of this brighter colour will bring excitement to the eyes and the overall space. And if you’re looking for something glamourous, you can add glitter to the mix; the shimmer will brighten up the reception venue and make sure you have a special and sparkly evening.

Pink is also a great colour to involve in the day’s food; there is pink lemonade, strawberry flavoured frosting, and so many other ways you can incorporate the colour into your menu.

Celebrate the Magical


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