The Oleg Cassini bride is romantic and elegant. She embodies classic, timeless sophistication is always perfectly poised.

She conjures up memories of the vintage brides of yesteryear, with her soft but glamorous image. She is refinement personified.


Oleg Cassini is a style icon and known for creating some of the most memorable fashion moments of our time as the designer for both Grace Kelly and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Cassini’s unique designs ushered in a new era of timeless simplicity based on clean lines and crisp forms with opulent and luxurious fabrics.

He was famed for being a fashion trendsetter and many of his designs became popular worldwide. He is world renowned for his wedding gowns that have graced Hollywood beauties and style icons. He introduced a number of the classic bridal gown silhouettes and in many ways was the father of the current wedding gown styles we wear today.