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In Part 2 of Irina’s wedding journey, she explores what it means to become a bride- and, importantly- what kind of bride you want to be! Discover her top looks for every style of bride- from ultra-feminine to fashionista!

Part 2

The 5 Bridal Styles

Which one are you?

Since being engaged, wedding dress shopping is probably the most exciting part of the wedding planning process! From attending your bridal appointments with your bridal party to trying on different wedding dress styles, this journey is filled with mixed emotions. It’s crucial to find a wedding dress that fits your style and personality, but most importantly find a wedding dress that allows you to Be You on your big day. While this wedding planning process can be fun, it can also be a very frustrating and daunting experience with all the different opinions from friends and family.

Thankfully, here at Bride&co we all about making your dreams come true and that’s why we have expert consultants to help you find your dream dress.


First step in finding your dream wedding dress that will express your personality is identifying what type of bride you are. Are you edgy? Are you romantic? Are you always up to date with the latest fashion trends? We understand how difficult it can be to identify your style, “I had no idea at all of what I would settle on, so I tried on about 50 dresses until I got to the one that I picked” says Irina of her own experience.

To help you decide which bridal style will best suit you, we’ve teamed up with our real Bride&co bride, Irina, to put together a style guide to help you find ‘the one’!

The Fashionista Bride

For the bride who is all about defying traditional norms.

If you are a bride-to-be that is already up to date with latest fashion news, follows Instagram celebs and Pinterest for outfit inspirations then you are a fashionista bride.  Make a statement with overskirts, sequins and gorgeous lace details. These on-trend wedding dress features will give you an edgy yet regal look.

The Feminine Bride

For the romantics that dream…

This feminine bride bridal style is for the hopeless romantics who spends their day daydreaming about a whimsical fairy-tale wedding. This bride dream of a soft elegant airy gown that will make her feel like a princess without being overly dramatic. “It’s all about the soft touches of lace, and beautiful A-line skirts for you,” says Irina. Bring the dream feminine princess bridal style to life with our Oleg Cassini style BR01948 wedding dress.

The Glamorous Bride

“You are a force to be reckoned with, and one hell of a glamazon!”

The glamorous bride style is all about creating the “wow factor”. Dramatic grand entrances, sparkles and attention-grabbing features defines this glitz bride. For this bridal style opt for wedding dresses with embellished beaded bodice   mermaid silhouettes or princess cuts, plunging necklines and low back details. To achieve this glamorous effect Irina recommends our Viola Chan style BR01882 wedding dress, “I can’t quite explain how gorgeous this dress is, and the entire dress is beaded with little crystals, from the sleeves to the midriff and right down to the train of the dress.”

For a jaw dropping moment you can also opt for a Viola Chan style BR01978 wedding dress, featuring 11,000 beads, crystals, and sequins. This style is for the bride looking to make a sparkling statement!

The Classy Bride

Let subtlety speak statements

This bridal style is for brides who prefer timeless elegance over the latest trends. This style is known for its simple and clean silhouettes and traditional white wedding dress that can turn any bride into royallt. For this bridal style consider wedding dresses with ballgown or mermaid silhouettes, with fabrics such as silk and lace- like our Oleg Cassini style BR01967 wedding dress.

The Elegant Bride

Simple, sleek and sophisticated

If you are a bride with a fondness for luxury and the finer things in life, then this bridal style is for you! Simple, sleek and sophistication with a twist defines this bridal style. For elegant styled look opt for slim fit wedding dresses with minimal embellishment. Irina recommends our Viola Chan style B01894 wedding dress for this style. “This dress embodies the elegant bride for me, the one that wants to be classy on her wedding day, but still wants to have a bit of fun with the style of the dress”.

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