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After the year that will go down in history as one of the longest indoor years ever, we’re all sitting in anticipation for the next social event we can attend. The dress trends of 2021 cater to the types of events the year will be seeing, with a focus on outdoor vibes, and even indoor Zoom rendezvous. From timeless trends to looks that will take 2021 by storm, the social event wear catalogue will have a style for anything that comes up this year.

Discover 6 of the biggest 2021 Dress Trends below!

statement cut-outs

The trend offers a sexy alternative in evening wear. The low effort high-impact design leaving either the midriff, back, or side areas open, makes for a statement. Paired with a fitting silhouette this look emphasizes comfort in one’s skin.

Statement cut-outs are also versatile as they can exist on a vast range of designs and add that extra bit of appeal. Whereas showing skin was left for high slits, and low v-cuts now we can expect the skin to be shown differently. Something that still speaks to the modesty of a classic dress design.

2021 dress trends

intoxicating colours

Bright colours will continue to affect the mood this year. Whether it is the yellow shades, which radiate friendly, joyful, optimistic energy, or shades of blue that embody the serenity of a crystal-clear day, these spring colours are expected to offer an exuberance and zeal to any evening dress. They will be able to transcend from a summer’s day dream into a bright piece for an evening soirée. 

hot goth

For those who LOVE black, the timeless colour will be in trend once again. The Hot goth 2021 dress trend is all about being decadent yet sultry.

Think distressed hems, textured fabric corsets, and black. As seen on 2021 runway shows of designer brands like Paco Rabanne and Simone Rocha, this trend gives you an excuse for a complete wardrobe blackout in the most glamorous way.

disco ball

Being cooped up in the house is bound to have everybody feeling like a bit of a party. The Disco Ball theme fulfils all your shimmer and shine dreams. The statement silver pieces, metallic palettes, glitter fabrics, and sequin detailing will leave you more than ready for a disco. These high shine hues are eye-grabbing and just what you need to steal the show.

light fabrics

With day events becoming the in thing this year, so will lighter fabrics. Sheer dresses that are more transparent give off girly vibes. The light and airy feels will also be coupled with layering, frills, and ruffles to create subtle detail for that beautiful day-time maxi dress gown.

bringing sexy back

The open-back trend stands to offer that spark of sex appeal to a classic gown. A thrilling surprise that is bound to make you a showstopper for the evening. Whether a hot goth themed number, a sequin centrepiece, or something simple, the open-back is bound to offer that extra detail nobody was expecting. Not only is an open-back daring, but it is also quite thrilling, which is something we can all appreciate in these strange times.

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2021 dress trends