Discover your inner bride with these 5 wedding dress styles.

Becoming a bride is a blended combination of your vision and your personality. Every bride wants to look incredible, but she also wants to feel like herself. We’ve styled many brides over the years, and seen every woman make the wedding dress uniquely hers.

When searching for your dream wedding dress, we normally suggest researching your ideal wedding dress silhouette. Alternatively, you could approach finding your wedding dress by spending some time understanding your bridal vision, and the type of bride you want to be. Typically, we find that there are 5 bridal styles that brides-to-be fall into; namely Glamourous and Sexy, Modern, Sophisticated, Boho, and Romantic.

bridal styles

glamorous & sexy.

This bride flaunts her female form, using dazzling elements and gorgeous cuts to create a sensational silhouette. Many brides like this style because it’s not too over the top and won’t take up any admin time on the day. This bridal style suits brides that are confident, looking to wow her guests and fiancé alike!

For this bridal style, opt for form-fitting silhouettes, like the Fit and Flair wedding dress silhouette. Look out for sheer materials, open-backs or plunging necklines. Add texture and sparkle with beautiful beading or eye-catching embellishments. Glamorous and sexy doesn’t have to mean showing it all- sometimes it’s all about the suggestion, more than the reveal

Woman in elegant white lace bridal styles dress standing against a neutral background.
A woman in an elegant bridal white dress stands next to a folding screen, looking thoughtfully at the camera.
Woman in an elegant white bridal dress with lace details and a high leg slit standing against a neutral background.


If you’re a bride-to-be that loves current fashion trends, Instagram celebs, or the latest designers; you are bound to love a modern bridal style. This bride style is all about that perfectly on point look that encapsulates who and where you were on your wedding day.

If you’re in love with the Modern Bridal Style; look for sharp cuts and fitted silhouettes, dramatic skirts, skinny straps, and botanical accents. These elements are the top picks for wedding dress trends, with cuts and styles inspired by botanical elements, and embellishments that add that extra wow factor.

A woman in an elegant white dress with a high slit, showcasing bridal styles, posing against a neutral background.
A woman adorned in elegant bridal styles, featuring a strapless white gown with floral details and a headband.
Woman in an elegant bridal-style white dress with lace details and a high leg slit posing against a neutral background.

sophisticated & timeless.

The sophisticated bride dreams of a white wedding, preferring traditional elegance over momentary fads. This bride wants her wedding day photos and her wedding day look to remain timeless, no matter whether her big day was a year or a decade ago.

Opt for wedding dresses with crisp, clean lines and bold cuts, like the classic ballgown or A-line wedding dresses. Look out for fabrics that are more rigid, such as Satin, Mikado, and Organza o create a strong, striking silhouette. If you are looking to add a contemporary twist to the traditional bridal style, choose a dress with a statement feature such as sweetheart neckline, embellishing, or an open-back.

A woman in an elegant white strapless bridal gown with a sweetheart neckline and full skirt.
A woman in an elegant white off-shoulder bridal dress is standing by a white pillar.
A woman posing in elegant bridal styles, featuring a white wedding dress with lace detailing.

romantic & classic.

For you, love is everything- especially on your wedding day! If you’ve dreamt of your big day since you were a girl, and you can’t wait to feel like a princess, then the Romantic Bridal style is just for you! Playful, feminine, and idealistic; this bridal style evokes emotions and sweet memories.

Look out for layers and soft materials that create a dreamy vision used on classic princess cuts, such as ballgown or A-line wedding dress silhouettes. To add an extra element of sweet playfulness, opt for coloured wedding dresses, such as blush, antique pink, stone, or light champagne.

A woman in an elegant off-the-shoulder white bridal styles gown with floral embroidery.
A woman showcasing bridal styles in an elegant white wedding dress with a lace bodice and a flowing train, standing against a beige backdrop.
A woman posing in elegant bridal styles, including a white wedding dress with a v-neckline and a delicate headpiece.

boho or simple.

Carefree, laid-back, and fun, the Boho Bridal style encapsulates those with a free spirit who are seeking something a little less complicated for their big day. Wedding dresses are generally light and interesting, and never get in the way of a great time. Lace, chiffon, and unusual elements create a bridal style that is untamed but beautiful.

Search for wedding dresses that have soft, flowing skirts with breathable materials. Alternatively, look out for form-fitting silhouettes such as the Fit and Flair or A-Line cuts, and opt for intricate beading, gorgeous textures, and barely-there sheer cut-outs to create a breath-taking vision.

A woman in bridal styles lace dress posing against a neutral background.
A woman in an elegant white bridal gown with lace details and an open back stands facing away from the camera.
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A woman in a white wedding dress with a lace bodice and a low V-back stands facing away, showcasing one of the timeless bridal styles. The gown has a long, flowing train.